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James Sabey of Henlow

James was the original Sabey in Henlow and baptised his first child Ann there in 1749. Looking for any information about where he was from before Henlow.
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John Saby

There is an intriguing document at the National Archive in Kew. It concerns a Chancery case dated 1533-1538. Short title: Maybott v Saby. Plaintiffs: Thomas Maybott of Wold, husbandman, and Joan, his wife, daughter and heir of William Smyth. Defendants: John Saby and Thomas, his son. Subject: Land demised by complainants in the said John's manor of Finedon. Northampton. Otherwise John as Lord of the Manor of Finedon is a mystery because the Mulso family were Lords of Finedon Manor during this period. Authors of books by local historians have been unable to discover his entitlement. Finding John may help to solve the puzzle of the origins of the name or where the family came from. A copy of the document can be found in the photographs section of this site. It is in English.
William Sabey

Married Elizabeth Blayne at St Andrew, Holborn, London in November 1794. It is not known where he was born or where he originated. Birth or baptism record needed to establish parentage.

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